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*Beautiful Sin*

The Life And Adventures Of A Future Hollywood Star!!!!!

-The Bitch Is Back-
27 May 1986
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First Off... Who Am I? I Am:

Yes- I Am A Lesbian... my parents are suprisingly very suportive and I couldn't love them more for it! <33 I currently work at Starbucks to pay my bills until my acting dreams come true, yeah customer service is a grand bitch.... but what can a girl do? I live here in Hollywood with my wonderful cats (the older one comes from MN too :p)in a studio apt.

I LOOOVE acting! I've dreamed of becoming an actress since I was 12, at the age of 17 I helped write, direct and star in my own one woman play called "E'toile". Some of the other stage works I have done are: "The Curious Savage" Starring as the quirky Mrs. Savage:

"Mrs. Savage (And Her Purple Fucking Hair LMAO) Gives Some Words To Her Daughter! (Awwww... and I Remember that outfit... wore it for an act in my one-woman play as well <3 )"

"Macbeth" Portraying the devious Lady Macbeth, "The Nerd" Where I Played The Plate Smashing Clelia Waldgrove! Most recently I was in "Three Lonely Guys" playing a hilarious hooker who acted like a cat, it was also my first actual play performance here in LA.

"Three Lonely Guys" Cast:

Currently I just finished my first full length movie: "Movies 101"!

At 18 I left Minnesota to attend acting school out in Hollywood where I currently reside. The eventual goal is to win ya know every award possible, and of course I have a excellent TV show that I'm trying to find someone to produce because TV today needs a good comedy!

I spend part my spare time working on my websites which you can check out:


My idols are Kate Mulgrew, whom I met in Vegas (At A Star Trek convention, ya THOSE things are wierd... REALLY wierd... never went to another one LMAO!) and LA when she came to Pasadena with her play "Tea At Five" Kate was the person who inspired me to become an actress:

And Katharine Hepburn, the greatest of the classics! And yet another great influence on my acting career:

Then there's....Elizabeth Perkins:

And Celine Dion, who I've seen in Vegas on numerous occasions! :

But those last two..... they're in quite a different category... *COUGH* *COUGH* :p